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  • The new over-molded material is softer and very flexible, conforming to the floor surface and remaining flat- just one of several new safety advantages.

  • The new high tech material provides a safer high ‘Coefficient of Friction’, making the mat more resistant to movement along the floor.

  • The mat underside has an additional bottom layer of skid resistant material that contacts the floor surface to provide better gripping for extra safety.

  • The absorbent core material is inset and housed in a newly engineered center cavity allowing the mat to encapsulate all liquid.

  • The top part of the absorbent core has an additional porous layer providing more stability to the absorbent middle layer by directing and trapping drips within the cellulose fibers.

  • This softer, flexible mat can be easily folded for disposal in any trash receptacle for convenient clean up.

  • The mat has a lower profile of .18” (rather than .28” in the original), which makes it safer and ADA Compliant against trip hazard.

  • The flexibility allows the mat to conform flatly to any floor surface, and this is an advantage over the original rigid mats, which could often warp around the edges.

  • Hexagon shaped funneled openings not only allow quick absorption but also help the end-user to easily view the core and determine when the mat is soiled or needs to be changed.

  • As a result of the increased dimensions, the new mat covers more floor surfaces to capture all drips and reduce potential slipping and/or cross-contamination issues.

  • Increased product weight also provides more stability and aids in the non-skid function. The original mats weighed 8 ounces; however, these new & improved mats weigh a total of 14 ounces.

  • The mats are engineered to be flame retardant - another good safety factor.

  • Superior Design and Performance are engineered into each mat.

  • These mats are created with over-molding to eliminate unsightly residue from gluing and adhesive applications. 

  • Now for the "first time ever," you have a choice between the standard mat and the new degradable version to give your customers more options.

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