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We are committed to maintain and preserve the planet, and that is why we went to great lengths to develop a degradable product.
The disposable plastic components are broken down by an additive, which will degrade the product into the soil when deposited into a landfill.

The absorbent core is made of cellulose, which is a sustainable plant-based resource and is the most natural organic fiber found on earth. This was also an important consideration in the development of our products.

Degradable products leave a smaller carbon footprint and enhance the organic balance of our world.

We encourage you to join our commitment to be earth-smart and earth-friendly.

urinal mat


was founded by the inventor of the nation's original and best selling absorbent/disposable urinal and commode mats and was awarded US Patent # 6,446,275, # 7,597,949, #D 629,636, #D 642,003.

Our goal is to offer quality products for the marketplace, like our amazing new high-tech SANI-ZORB® MULTI-FLEX® absorbent/disposable urinal and commode mats.

In addition to our current mats, the inventor has custom engineered the "first" and "only" Eco-Friendly urinal and commode mats manufactured
with Eco-Choice plastic additive causing mats to degrade in landfills.

Sani-zorb Products, LLC.

These "earth friendly engineered" mats are certified to degrade in landfills. Biodegradable Certified, please click here. 

To learn more about these products, please visit the Product Information page on this website.

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